University Council

What exactly is the University Council and what is its purpose? Read all about it below!


The most important job of the University Council is to check and advise the Board of Directors of the University of Groningen, being a democratically chosen body of the UoG. The Council has got specific tasks, governed in the Law for Higher Education and Science Education (Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek; WHW). However, we try to take it to the next level by means of a ‘harmony model’. This means that we always aims for consensus between the Board of Directors and the University Council, even though we as Lijst Calimero also have the motto “Tough on the topics, gentle on the relationship”. Participation should not be a last bump in the road to be overtaken by de Board; the concept of participation should be taken very seriously. The voice of the students needs to be heard. Lijst Calimero also does its own policy proposals, by writing memoranda and asking questions in the Council. This way we have a constructive contribution to the Council; something we hold very dearly.


The University Councel is the highest participation organ at the UoG and normally consists of 24 members: 12 staff members and 12 students. On the staff side, the Personell faction has 9 seats and the Science faction has 3. They are elected for 2 years (2015-2017). The student section consists of three parties this year: Lijst Calimero, SOG and Lijst STERK. We have six seats, SOG has five and Lijst STERK one.


Every last Thursday of the month the University Council Meeting takes place, in which binding decisions are made. The meetings are public, so please come by some time to check it out! It starts at 9:30 and usually takes until 12:30. The documents that are discussed, have already been discussed a week before the University Council Meeting, namely in the Committee Meetings the week before. The following Committees are distinguished:

–          Research and Education

–          Management

–          Resources

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