Dear friends,

My name is Boris Kyuchoukov, 21 years old, and in the second year of studying Psychology. Alongside my studies, I am deeply involved in improving the quality and transparency in both the University of Groningen, and my own faculty. This year, I am running for elections for the University Council, as a proud member of Lijst Calimero. What this means is that I will be responsible for representing your voice as clearly as possible, and making sure it is heard at all the right places. I believe in an open an honest approach to solving problems. If you think a change within the RuG is necessary, you can always talk to me in person, or just send me an e-mail. It is literally that easy to have a say in what happens around here! During the elections in May I will count on your vote, to be able to make the changes you care about.

Democracy aside, what else is important to me? Like many international students coming to Groningen, I was looking forward to an exciting and enriching cultural experience. Besides doing well in my studies, I wanted to get acquainted with the Dutch customs, make Dutch friends, and experience Groningen as a local. Now you are probably thinking ‘This is so much easier said than done!’ Well, not necessarily! Over the next year, my priority, together with Lijst Calimero, will be to build long-lasting bridges between Dutch and international students in our city. To do this successfully, we need to make many changes. Free Dutch language courses for students in all years, lectures in flawless English, and groups where Dutch and international students work together are just a few of the things that stand on Calimero’s agenda.

I firmly believe that the years spent in Groningen should not be an isolated episode of a student’s life, but rather the beginning of a fruitful multicultural journey, where many useful connections are made. Regardless of whether you are Dutch, or you come from abroad, voting for Lijst Calimero will make sure you open the door to many great experiences that were hiding right around the corner until now!

All in all – Lijst Calimero stands for a warm and welcoming studying experience for every student, local, or international. Lijst Calimero stands for what matters to you.