Lijst Calimero works toward stronger student representation

by | Nov 29, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Luckily, occupying the Academy Building is not necessary like in the old days; student voices are taken quite seriously already within our university. However, we think there is always room for improvement. Therefore, Lijst Calimero aims to strengthen student representation, to improve the visibility of student representatives, and to shorten the election period.

In collaboration with the other students factions of the University Council, Lijst Calimero handed in a memo in which various digital communication methods are proposed to improve the visibility of student representatives. We also proposed to set up a neutral campaign week prior to the elections, to raise awareness about university politics and how students can influence university policy. Moreover, in the memo all student factions have agreed to shorten the election period from seven to five days to avoid campaigning during the weekend.

The Board of the University supported our collective proposals which means that we can work them out in the coming months. We think that by improving the visibility and reachability of student representatives, we can work toward stronger student representation within the University of Groningen so that your interest as a student is best represented. And by doing so, we hope that there is just no need to occupy the Academy Building like in the old days.