An update on International Student Housing

by | Mar 29, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Good news! In the university council this morning, the Board of the University announced it has taken concrete plans to solve the housing shortage for international students. Last November, together with ESN en GSb, we send out a Letter of Urgency to the University, the City of Groningen and the SSH. In this letter we addressed the many issues international students are facing. The Board updated us on what measures are being taken to prevent shortage in the upcoming year and the years that will follow:

1. A project manager has been hired specifically to solve this problem
The University, City of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the UMCG have hired a manager who will analyze and work hard to solve this problem.

2. The project manager has a budget to find 500 extra rooms for international students
These rooms should be available next year for the incoming international students.

3. There will be a ‘sleep-in’ available
Students can stay there for a short amount of time so they can find a home without become homeless.

4. A Long Term Plan for 2018-2025 will be written
A long term vision is needed to solve this problem indefinitely.

5. A digital platform where landlords, students and teachers can meet each other and find good housing will be bought and implemented
This platform is working successfully in Maastricht, where 10.000 rooms have been rented through this platform. This platform will be integrated on the website, where more information on Housing in Groningen can be found.


These five steps are great steps in the right direction, and while we remain critical on all the players on this topic, we are happy that there now are concrete measures being taken to make Groningen a more welcome city for international students.