€50,000 extra for study associations in new board grant regulations

by | Mar 29, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Good news! Lijst Calimero has managed to make €50.000 available for board members of study associations, in collaboration with the student assessor, CUOS and SOG!

After the reassessment of last year, it appeared that study associations have grown bigger than that their compartment of the financial student support fund was equipped for. This made a rethink of the division of the support fund between the different types of associations necessary. As University Council, we have consent on changes in the support fund, which made our vision on the distribution of grants important input for the new model.

In our view, study associations are the most important link between students and their study: they ensure a tighter band between classmates, help students with their studies, and are an important bridge between study and workfield. That is why we are very content that their compartment has been broadened with €50.000. This way, we reward board members of these study associations for their efforts and invest in their successors, thereby assuring the continuity of these associations.

Besides, we are happy that there won’t be a limit to the number of grants per faculty anymore. This used to be the case, which led to study associations being basically ‘punished’ for the fact that other study associations on their faculty were also performing well. This rule, which harmed the Faculty of Science en Engineering in particular, will be removed from the model.

Some additional good news: the grants will be paid at the beginning of the year. After a change to the student financial support fund last year, it looked like they would be paid after a board year from now on, but this has been undone. After all, the expenses fall within your board year, and you shouldn’t get into financial trouble because you chose to do a board year.

Overall, we are very content with the changes to the student financial support fund, and we want to thank the CUOS, the student assessor and SOG for their cooperation. Do you have any questions? Please contact CUOS at cuos@rug.nl or call (+31) 050 363 4657.