We deliver a better UG: our election programme 2019-2020

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For 15 years, Lijst Calimero has been committed to ensuring high quality education at the University of Groningen (UG). Our party has been the most substantive, with a vision based on the idea that students come here to receive a challenging, interesting and thought-provoking education. This is a type of education that we want to ensure for all students, while being an inclusive and sustainable university.

Every student at the UG has the right to receive a valuable diploma and all the knowledge and skills needed to benefit from for the rest of their lives. In order to improve our quality of education, we have many ideas which we have divided in three themes. We strive to improve where we study, how we study and what we study. 

In our first chapter, we explain how we want to improve the place where you study. The UG has to take its responsibility to take care of all students. We believe in a healthy study environment, where the mental wellbeing of students and teachers is of paramount importance. We believe that study and student associations are a vital part of student life. Therefore, the UG should support the development of extracurricular opportunities. Moreover, we believe the UG should provide the necessary facilities for all student. We also believe the UG should focus on professionalization of student representation. Finally, we believe the UG is for every student, regardless of their race, religion, gender, and physical ability. Ultimately, the University of Groningen should be the epitome in becoming sustainable for future generations.

In the second chapter, you will read on how we want to develop what you study.  We believe that students who go to the UG have to learn and develop all skills which are essential for their future career, whether that is in academia or other endeavours. Furthermore, the future is interdisciplinary; students need to broaden the horizon of their expertise and be able to apply their knowledge in different ways. We believe in a balanced relationship between fundamental and applied science, where the UG is a center of research and exploration, not only for the academics but also for society as a whole.

In our last chapter, you will find how we want to advance the way how you study.  We believe that digitalisation and internationalization can increase the quality and diversity of education if applied sensibly.  We strongly foster small-scale education, where interaction and discussion are keys to the understanding of the subject.
We believe that quality education and research opportunities should be available for every student, not just for the high-performers.

But most of all, we believe in you. We believe that students make this university great, and that is why we are going to put our best efforts forward next year so we can keep improving the quality of education at our university. In order to represent your interests as a student, we need your vote during this year’s elections!

We deliver a better UG. Choose Lijst Calimero.

Download the full election programme.

The Candidate Faction

The 15th candidate faction of Lijst Calimero
Floor Buigel, Lennard Pierey, Vera Spanjer, Bagus Hadiredjo, Fleur Renkema, Matthias Luijks, Hilde-Marije de Jong & Shanira Maduro