More study spaces

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More study spaces for students 


Opinion: Student help je niet met tandeloze Kamermoties

Students don’t need empty promises, they need space says our factionchair Rozemarijn Gierkink in an article from the Ukrant


Student associations at the university: implement relaxations now

“Fifty study associations of the RUG, all student parties in the co-governance and the Groninger Students Union (GSb) are sounding the alarm: the university must implement relaxations now, so that the mental health of students does not deteriorate further.” Read more about this in a article from the Ukrant


RUG implements easing after emergency letter

“The number of study places at the RUG will soon be increased to 650 and these will also be made available to non-vulnerable students. Vulnerable students will continue to have priority, though.” Read more about this in an article from the Ukrant.