Candidate Faction 2023

Ale ten Cate

BA History and BSc Physics

Hey, I’m Ale and I’m a third-year student at the UG. I am pursuing both a Bachelor’s degree in history and physics and last year I founded the political party Student & Water. Within a few years, I will have completed my degree at UG and I find it really important that my degree is of maximum value. If the quality of education at the university gets better, our degrees will be worth more. Lijst Calimero is the party that commits to ensuring that the quality of education is as high as it can be, for example by advocating for smaller-scale education and for more career opportunities. After a long period of online education, Lijst Calimero wants to ensure that the quality of education is restored. To achieve this, we will have to tackle problems such as the shortage of staff, overly large seminar groups and undertrained TAs. In the coming year, I will put in the maximum effort to achieve this.

Zulima Martí Cuñat

BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences

Hey! My name is Zulima and I’m a Liberal Arts and Sciences student. I originally come from Spain, and my drive to run for Council is the belief that change can be triggered by students for students in the UG. This is what Lijst Calimero alegates for, empowerment of student voices and a high quality of education in a safe and healthy environment for all students. Being an international student, I aim to represent others and fight in the University Council for a more inclusive environment to develop not only academically but also socially. I believe that students need to be the trigger change for the university that we want to see in the future, a university that is international, sustainable, that cares about diversity, wellbeing and mental health. A university that not only improves and diversifies education but also puts the person before the student.

Harm Verbeek

BSc Human Geography & Planning

Hi! I’m Harm, 20 years old and in my third year of the bachelor Human Geography and Planning at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Now that the pandemic is on its way out and normal student life is getting back on track, it is apparent how much damage the corona period has left on us as students. The university should be a place of personal development, however, students are currently burdened by high work pressure, a disrupted work-life balance and uncertainty about their future. I believe the university should support students in, not contribute to, the challenges they face. That’s why next year I want to focus together with Lijst Calimero on more accessible and small-scale education, a healthy work-life balance and education that adequately prepares you for your career.

Stijn van Hussen

MA International Relations

Hi! I’m Stijn, 23 years old and I am currently doing my masters in International Relations. This year I have been the External Chair of the 18th faction of Lijst Calimero and a member of the University Council. Having been a member of the Council this year, I have seen the many ways in which we can still improve the UG. We want to keep working on ensuring all students have access to high quality education, a safe study environment, and opportunities to develop outside of their study program. We believe the university should be responsive to the needs of its students and staff; we will fight to ensure your voice is heard in the governance of the UG. In the council, I will focus on ensuring that the student perspective is taken into account, and that the university keeps the promises it makes to us.

Kevin Wójcik


My name is Kevin and I’m a 19-year old currently studying law at the UG. After a couple of years in co-governance at my high school, where I fought for the interests of students during the covid-pandemic, at a time in which those interests were largely forgotten amongst the chaos,  I believe the student should have a central position in education and want to work to make the voice of students be heard loud and clear. High-quality, small-scale education that connects well with your future career; those are the Lijst Calimero values that I passionately share and will work to represent together with the rest of our team. Personally I want to focus on the issues of digitalisation and sustainability. Both issues will play a central role in the society of the future and must therefore get their fair share of attention at the UG, to not only future-proof our university, but also teach our students in a future-proof way.

Lu Maria Gómez Puig

BA Arts History

Hola! I’m Maria (Lu) third-year Art History and Honours College. I am running for the next Faction at Lijst Calimero. As an international student, I strive for making all students feel welcome, accepted, and safe in our academic halls whilst receiving equal opportunities and ensuring the highest quality of education. By encouraging an interdisciplinary education, we can help all students from all personal and academic backgrounds feel ready for the future. As well protecting social safety and the mental and academic well being of all students, especially of the ones far away from their homes.