This week, Lijst Calimero appeals to senator Anne-Wil Duthler to vote against the proposed interest rate hike for student loans. This follows the national initiative by Geertje Hulzebos and Rebecca Talbot. As she was recently expelled from one of the government factions, she can now vote freely on proposals put to the senate (‘Eerste Kamer’). Her vote can be decisive in whether or not the proposal will succeed.

Let her know that raising the interest rate is a bad idea. Send her an email here. You can find a text for your message below.

Dear mrs. Duthler,

I would kindly like to request you to stand with students on the 28th of May, by voting against the proposed interest rate rise on student loans

Currently, students finish their studies with an average debt of €21.000, which is expected to increase in the next few years.

Since the creation of the current student loan system, there has been an substantial increase in students with problematic debts. An interest rate rise on student loans will inevitably lead to several thousands of euros extra in debt, which in the long run has a severe negative impact on society and our economy. This is bad for all of us.

Additionally, an increase in interest rate and thus an increased debt will be a barrier for many prospective students to start their studies. The accessibility of higher education and student wellbeing will be gravely endangered.

It is of utmost importance that students have opportunities to develop themselves inside and outside their studies. These opportunities are in peril by this proposal.

I am proud of student life in Groningen. I sincerely hope that this will remain accessible for generations of students to come.

I hope you will support us on May 28 by voting against the proposed increased interest rate on student loans.

Yours sincerely,

Student at the University of Groningen