The Fourteenth Faction of Lijst Calimero

On behalf of Lijst Calimero, the fourteenth faction represents your interests as a student during the academic year 2018-2019. On this page you’ll find the four students that dedicate their year to improve the quality of education and to increase the value of your diploma. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Younes Moustaghfir, chairman

Committees:  Research & Education, Governance and Resources
Faculties: Law, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arts
Dossiers: Employability, Digitalization, Internationalization and Yantai
Miscellaneous: Student associations, HMR and local and national media

06 39 23 67 83

Henrieke Polinder, internal chair

Committees: Governance
Faculties: Science and Engineering and University College
Dossiers: Yantai and Facilities
Miscellaneous: ISO, LOF and Christian associations

06 27 92 69 12

Reinier Alberts, secretary

Committees: Education & Research
Faculties: Medical Sciences and Theology
Dossiers: Fryslân, Student Financial Support Fund, Quality Agreements
Miscellaneous: Contractus, Umbrella organisations, CUOS

06 15 68 56 05

Hylke Kramer, treasurer

Committees: Resources
Faculties: Economics and Business and Spatial Sciences
Dossiers: Yantai, Budget

06 40 85 37 21