The sixteenth faction of Lijst Calimero

Here you find the students who represent Lijst Calimero in the University Council this year to better the quality of your education and diploma. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or an email!


Rozemarijn Gierkink, faction chair

Committees: Governance, Education & Research, Finance
Faculties: Arts
Portfolios: National politics, strategic plan, employability
Other: Christian associations, Ganymedes, ISO

Freddy Cawthorne-Nugent, internal chair

Committee: Governance and Finance
Facilities: Spatial Sciences, Economics & Business
Portfolios: Quality Assurance, wellbeing & student representation
Other: Stukafest, GST

Eoin Raftery, treasurer and campaign leader

Committee: Governance & Finance
Faculties: Science & Engineering, Law (international students), Philosophy
Portfolios: Housing, Finance, National Politics and Interdisciplinarity.
Overige: Umbrella Associaitons (USVA, ESN, CUOS, GSB, KEI, SIB, AEGEE, HSCA)

Lisa van der Panne, public relations

Committee: Education & Research
Faculties: Behavioural Sciences, Law (Dutch associations)
Portfolio: Wellbeing, Graduation Fund, Sustainability, Employability
Other: ACLO

Naila Loudini, secretary

Committee: Education and Research
Faculties: Medical Sciences (UMCG), Theology and Campus Fryslân
Portfolios: Research, Digitalisation, Internationalisation and Inclusion
Other: Promovendi Netwerk Nederland

Nirva Portugal, Internationalization & Sustainability Officer

Faculties: University College Groningen
Portfolio: Sustainability, Internationalisation and Inclusion
Other: Groningen International Student Platform (GISP)

Arne Hefting, Activities

Dion Theodoridis, Digital Officer

Portfolio: Digitalisation