The 19th Faction of Lijst Calimero

On this page, you will find the students who, on behalf of Lijst Calimero, are committed to the quality of education and the value of your diploma this academic year. Feel free to reach out to us whenever!

Ale Ten Cate, External Chair

Committees: Governance, Education & Research, and Finance
Faculties: FEB & UMCG
Portfolios: Employability and Housing
External parties: Contractus, Lijst STERK & HSV

Zulima Martí Cuñat, Internal Chair

Committees: Governance, Education & Research
Faculties: FSE, CF and University College Groningen (UCG)
Portfolios: Interdisciplinarity, Student Well-being, and Quality Agreements
External parties: Ganymedes, ESN, GSB

Harm Verbeek, Secretary 

Committees: Governance and Finance
Faculties: FSS & BSS
Portfolios: Student representation, Communication and Profileringsfonds
External parties: Usva, CUOS, SKLO

Stijn Van Husssen, Treasurer & Campaign Leader

Committees: Governance and Finance
Faculties: Philosophy, Theology and Law
Portfolios: National Politics, Research, Finance and Sustainability
External Parties: KEI, GRIN, ACLO, OCSG

Maria Gómez Puig, PR & Activities

Committees: Governance and Finance                                                              Faculties:  Arts                                                                                                              Portfolios: Student Wellbeing, Internationalization and Inclusion
External Parties: International Associations, HCSA, SIB, AEGEE, TEIMUN