The fifteenth faction of Lijst Calimero

Here you find the students who represent Lijst Calimero in the University Council this year to better the quality of your education and diploma. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or an email!


Floor Buigel, faction chair

Committees: Education & Research, Governance and Finance
Faculties: FEB, Spatial Sciences
Portfolios: employability, internationalization, finance, graduation fund, national politics
Other: Contractus

Vera Spanjer, internal chair

Committee: Governance
Facilities: Law, Behavioural and Social Sciences
Portfolios: facilities, Strategic Plan, well-being
Other: umbrella organizations

Lennard Pierey, secretary and campaign leader

Committee: Middelen
Faculties: UMCG, FSE
Portfolios: housing, national politics, Yantai, finance, graduation fund, sustainability
Overige: ISO

Fleur Renkema, public relations and activities

Committee: Education and Research
Faculties: Arts, University College
PortfoliosQuality Agreements, study guidance, well-being, sustainablity, national politics
Other: ISO, Ganymedes, christian associations

Matthias Luijks, treasurer

Committee: Education & Research
Faculties Philosophy, Theology
Portfolio: quality assurance, student participation, internationalization, inclusion
Other: international associations

Bagus Hadiredjo, faction member

Committee: Education & Research
Faculties Philosophy, Theology
Portfolio: internationalization, inclusion, facilities
Other: international associations