Lijst Calimero’s main objective is to represent student’s interests in the University Council. Representing the interests of all 30.000 UG-students is always our main priority. Our faction spends a full-time year doing just that. The Support Faction, the Thinktank and the Advisory Board all support the faction in their own way. Furhtermore, Lijst Calimero organises several events throughout the year, such as lectures and a pubquiz.



The faction spends a full-time year representing your interests in the University Council.


Support Faction

The Support Faction is responsible for organising events.



The Thinktank is the place to discuss current UG policy issues with us and to bring your own topics and ideas to the table.

Calimero cartoon


Small chicks grow up! These days, it’s hard to imagine university politics without Lijst Calimero. However, twelve years ago, Lijst Calimero started small. On May 30, 2005, Lijst Calimero was founded by Hilgo Gabriëls, who wanted to shake student representation at the UG. At the time, the students in the University Council were organised in two established parties. One was not very innovatory, the other not so constructive. Lijst Calimero started as a one man faction, hence the name: Calimero. In the following years, Lijst Calimero got bigger and bigger. Click here get an overview of everyone who sat in the University Council on behalf of Lijst Calimero in the past years.