Academic Writing Centre

On December 15, 2016, we handed in another memo! In this memo, we propose to set up an Academic Writing Centre (AWC) at the University of Groningen. The AWC will offer individual coaching to students who want to improve their academic writing skills. The centre will also offer workshops on common issues in academic writing, for example: how to write an introduction, or how to use online databases? The goal of the AWC is to help students become better writers. The writing coaches will help students with structure, argumentation and academic language, but will not correct spelling mistakes, and the like. However, the AWC will have a digital component where students can find information on, for example, how to use references. All students from the University of Groningen would be able to make free use of the services provided by the AWC. We wrote this memo in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kees de Glopper, Prof. Dr. Carel Jansen and the Language Centre.