Central Study Career Advisor

Who can you consult with questions about following courses at a different faculty, doing two studies, or doing a board year? Exactly, nobody! Therefore, Lijst Calimero just handed in a proposal for the recruitment of a study career advisor.

The labour market is constantly changing and developing practical skills becomes increasingly important. Students are expected to develop additional skills and knowledge. Within the curriculum of a degree program, students can, for example, follow a second study or additional courses, do a minor in the Netherlands or abroad, or participate in the honours College. But also extra-curricular development is possible, for example a board year, active participation in a committee, or being an entrepreneur.

In short, there are plenty of possibilities to develop yourself next to following the regular degree program. In order to acquire information on how to make the right study choices students consult a study advisor. To our information, study advisors often lack knowledge when confronted with the various possibilities. They are focused on a specific degree program and always connected to a faculty or discipline.

Therefore we propose to introduce the function of a study career advisor at our university. A study career advisor should be deployable university wide and needs to have knowledge about the possibilities that students have beyond their regular degree program.

Lijst Calimero thinks the student should be the centre of education in order to develop optimally. Every student should be confident about his future after graduation, regardless of which ambitions she or he has. Good support is of outmost important, especially in the current study climate. The increased pressure and stress that students experience in their study and when they are faced with important decisions also confronts students and the University with new challenges. The University needs to take responsibility and the appointment of a study career advisor is one imperative and essential step. Your diploma, Your future, Our priority.