Mental Health Awareness Campaign

From research done by the Interstedelijke Studentenoverleg (ISO) it is evident, that mental health problems are frequently occurring among students, while it is not accepted to seek help or even talk about them. Stress, depression, eating disorders and insomnia are among those problems and in the past years, tragic suicides unsettled the Groningen student community. Recently, the UK launched a large-scaled awareness campaign for mental health issues, stigmata and discrimination. The “It’s ok not to feel ok”-campaign was targeting younger people in particular and inspired us. Therefore, we asked the board if it would be possible to also implement an awareness campaign for mental health issues at our university. The board was very positive and together with the Student Service Centre (SSC), we will start working on a campaign that will devote attention to metal health issues among students. Students will be made aware that it is ok not to feel ok and to ask for help. Also, the available support services will in that way be promoted.