Statement Campus Fryslan

In November 2015, the University Council has advised positively on the plans of the University to build a University Campus in Friesland. Prior to this, Lijst Calimero listed different requirements, upon which the Board of Directors has agreed. The requirements are stated below:

  1. A panel with students, faculty and staff will be set up who will work together with experts on the implementation of the broad bachelor;
  2. If there are final plans which will be sent to the minister for a accreditation procedure, we want to have the right of consultation (again) regarding the content of this bachelor;
  3. In order to prevent competition between the two University Colleges, the broad bachelor should be named differently (than University College);
  4. The bachelor Friesland should have its own staff;
  5. It should still be possible to offer another broad bachelor and these options for another broad bachelor should be investigated better;
  6. The students in Groningen and Leeuwarden who attend University College/a broad bachelor, will never have to move in order to finish their bachelor if one of the broad bachelors (or even both) are not implemented properly.

As indicated, the Executive Board has agreed on these requirements.