Founding of the Young Alumni Network

In the last years, the University of Groningen always had low scores on employability in surveys like the NSE or the ISB. Therefore, Lijst Calimero wrote a memo suggesting the establishment of a Young Alumni Network (YAN). The aim of the YAN is to connect recently graduated alumni to each other by means of activities and a network platform that is focussed on the interests and needs of recently graduated alumni. In this way, participants can exchange experiences, knowledge and tips that are especially useful in the early stages of their career.

The board of directors reacted very positively to Lijst Calimero’s suggestion and promised to look into further steps to start a Young Alumni at the University of Groningen. The YAN will be coordinated by NEXT. In the upcoming years Lijst Calimero will have a close eye on the developments concerning the YAN and we hope it will be established as soon as possible.