Online open days

Three times a year, the University College opens it doors to prospective students in order to attract more students. In addition, the University has invested a lot of time in attracting international students during the past few years. The problem is that it is often difficult for these students to attend an open day in Groningen. List Calimero therefore submitted a memo in which it the faction adviced to organize so-called “Online Open Days”. In this way, international students can get a better picture of the University of Groningen. In this online environment, 3D photos and videos should be available so that a future student will receive a virtual tour.

In response to the note, the Board of the University requested the Department of Communication and OSK / IR to make a project proposal. The Communications Department has indicated that the suggestions we made are relevant, but that the University is limited in its possibilities due to the cost. Therefore, is they are still looking for the best solution for the Online Open Days. At this moment, international students can attend “web classes” in which they can take selected courses.