Better education, thanks to you

Do you want to use your talents to increase the value of your diploma and improve the quality of education at our University? That is possible, since Lijst Calimero is looking for a  faction for the year 2019-2020. We are looking for fulltime, as well as part-time faction members. 

The Vacancy

Are you …

  • … critical and content related?
  • … not afraid to voice your opinion?
  • … somebody who takes the initiative?
  • … able to work independently?
  • … open for a lot of new contacts?
  • … somebody who is willing to represent the students of the UG?
  • … willing to work in a close team?

Lijst Calimero offers you…

  • a platform to develop skills that will profit you from for the rest of your life
  • the opportunity to work in a team to make our university better
  • a broader network inside of all layers of the academic community, through a broad range of events
  • the opportunity to dive into interesting dossiers that are relevant for the university council
  • personal broadening, as a result of stepping over the boundaries of your own study and faculty

Already convinced?

Apply for the candidate faction of Lijst Calimero! You can do so by emailing your cover letter and CV to! Want to know more? Feel free to contact one of our faction members of email to

Who are we?

We are Lijst Calimero and we want the best possible education at the UG, because we think that this forms the essential foundation for your further life, as a working person and in general. This has the highest priority for us. In the university council we distinguish ourselves by contributing to and reflecting on UG policies, in a constructive and critical manner. We know what we want and fight for these goals. With you, an interested and motivated candidate, we can continue this line that we have set out and keep fighting for better education.

The experiences of previous faction members

Hanna Berretz

Hanna Berretz

Faction 2016-2017

“My year with Lijst Calimero was very challenging, I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. Firstly, you make very good friends. Up until today we stay in touch with our faction members and have regular contact. Secondly you learn what you can and what you can’t handle as a person. I have learned a lot from that. And thirdly, a year in the University Council looks very wel on your resumé. It opens doors when you start to apply for jobs.”

Tamar Slaterus

Tamar Slaterus

Faction 2015-2016

“My year in the faction was a year in which I have learned and laughed a lot!”

Nina de Winter

Nina de Winter

Faction 2016-2017

“My year in the Council has taught me that if you really agree or disagree on something, you should stick to your opinion and go for it, even when that’s very difficult.”

Leendert Kalsbeek

Leendert Kalsbeek

Faction 2009-2010

It is hard to be concrete about what a year in the University Council brings you. However, it is a very fun and you learn a lot. You see from the inside how an academic institution is governed and experience a little how politics work. This expands your personal horizon and it gives you a head start when you start to every job you would want to apply for.

Wat is our vision?

We believe that every student deserves to confidently head toward the future with a valuable diploma after graduating. Our standpoints about what good education and a good diploma imply, are built around the following three pillars.

Student-centred Education

The structure of education has a large impact on its quality. Students should always be the center of learning. The research agenda of teachers should not determine the content of a degree program, but the individual needs and interest of students should.

Future-oriented Education

The most important part of a university degree is of course the content of learning. Education has to prepare students for their future, even if it is changing constantly.

Healthy study environment

Students can only study successfully in an environment in which challenges and relaxation are balanced. Students should be able to enjoy their student time.

Want more information?

No problem! Send us an email at and we’ll gladly tell you more.