Universiteitsraad RUG 2018-2019

The University Council

The University Council is the highest democratically elected body within the decision making of the University of Groningen. Twelve students and twelve (academic) staff members come together to discuss the policies of the UG with the board of directors. Lijst Calimero is one of the student parties, with five out of 12 seats in the academic year 2020-2021.

What does the University Council do and how is it constructed? Read more.

What does the University Council do?

The University Council has been democratically elected to fulfill its most important task: control and advise the board of directors in their decision making. The tasks of the University Council are stated in the law for higher education and academic research (Wet op Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, WHW). The law states on which policies the University Council has the right of consent and on which policies it has the right of advice. Furthermore, the University Council has the right of initiative. That means that the parties themselves can formulate propositions for policies, for example by righting a memo or by asking questions toward the board of directors.

Dutch politics are known for the harmony model, which is also applied within the University Council. The harmony model proposes that the goal is always to reach unanimity between the board of directors and the members of the University Council. In that way, we are able to contribute to topics in which we formally do not have a say. We think that it is important that we as students are involved in the decision making at the University of Groningen and that there is there is transparency concerning the policies made.

Lijst Calimero takes a constructive approach by not only criticizing policy propositions but also bringing own propositions forward. Here you can read more about what we did in previous years and here you can find more details about our view own transparent management.

How does the University Council work?

The meetings of the University Council take place on the last Thursday of every month. These meetings are the place where official and binding decisions are made. The subjects discussed during University Council meetings have also been a topic during the committee meetings in the week before. The University Council has three committees: education & research, management, and resources.

The University Council meetings as well as the committee meetings are open for the public. On the third Thursday of the month the committee meetings take place. Education & research starts at 9am, management starts at 12pm and resources starts at 3pm. The University Council meetings take place on the fourth Thursday of the month and start at 9.30am. All the meetings usually take place in the “Grote Vergaderzaal” at the Oude Boteringstraat 44. However, this room is currently under construction so that the committee and University Council meetings will sometimes take place in different locations this year. You can find those locations here.