The University of Groningen aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and therefore wants to assist students who are thinking of starting a business. Lijst Calismero encourages this and therefore showed the Board of Directors a comparison of professional athlete and entrepreneurs. Lijst Calimero would like to see that entrepeneurs are also helped with the practical aspects of combining your studies with extracurricular activities. Therefore, we want that the Students Topsport Regulation, with more flexibility for your education and possibile financial aid, is also available for student entrepreneurs.

The Executive Board believes that regulations for entrepreneurs (such as for athletes) is a good idea, but the problem is how to define an entrepreneur. At the Student Topsport Regulation, the status of a professional athlete is determined by the NOC * NSF.

“Promoting student entrepreneurs” has been incorporated into the Student Charter. The Board of Directors want to encouraging starting up and running a business beside your studies. This happens in several ways:

• Attention to entrepreneurship within the program;
• Possibility for top entrepreneurs to request study facilities;
• Courses and guidance from the UGCE;
• Providing office space, and where necessary (and possible) lab space.

In addition, a student entrepreneur may qualify for:
• Exemption/easing of compulsory attendance;
• An extra exam;
• An alternative form of examinations;
• Exceptions to deadlines;
• Integration of entrepreneurial activities in education.