UG students decide about investments in education

by | Aug 23, 2017 | News | 0 comments

In 2015 the Minister decided to abolish the study grants and to invest that money in the quality of education from 2018 onwards. This spring we discussed that this money should be invested in hiring more staff next year. However, this was only an agreement for one year. To make sure that this money will be successfully invested in the future as well (every year, starting in 2018), we wrote a process proposal during the summer.

In this proposal, we describe how this money should be annually invested and how staff and students should be involved in this decision-making process. Two things are very important for us in this process. Firstly, students need to closely involved, since it is about the money they no longer receive directly from the government. Secondly, this money should to a large extent be invested in hiring more staff and partly be invested in educational innovations. A project group needs to determine in what innovations specifically. This project group needs to exist of members of the University Council as well as employees from the University that have an expertise in this field.

Our proposal was discussed during the University Council meeting last Thursday. We are very pleased that the Board of Directors completely copies our proposal and that it will be implemented as we suggested. Our new faction will be intensively involved in the procedure and will make sure that the investments lead to a University wide quality improvement.