Reflection room in the University Library

by | Oct 18, 2018 | News | 0 comments

The Board of the University has decided to to follow upon the request of Lijst Calimero, the Groninger Student Union and the Committee of Assessors to start a pilot for a reflection room in the University Library. This room will have a neutral and inclusive character and offer a place for students and staff to have time to reflect and calm their nerves. In June the pilot will be evaluated to see whether enough people used the room and if it can be considered a success.

The reflection room is meant for students and staff to visit when they are looking for some time to reflect in order to find peace of mind. In the past years the subject of stress and work pressure has had a lot of publicity. However, Lijst Calimero feels the attention has centered too much around cases in which stress has already lead to a burnout. Obviously it is very important for students who experience a burnout to have help available, that is why we plead for more student psychologists. However, if you dig deeper into the subject of stress, pressure and how those work on an individual, you learn there is more we can do to improve mental wellbeing.

Stress on itself is not necessary a bad thing. It is a physical reaction that helps you perform optimally when a situation gets tense. The damage happens when the stress doesn’t leave and the body gets physically exhausted. That is where chronic stress, that can lead to a burnout, enters the picture. When tackling issues concerning stress it is therefore very important that students learn how to handle it and when they should take a break. We therefore continue to advocate for this subject in multiple ways, for example by asking for a reflection room, by contributing to the Wellbeing Week and by continuously starting this conversation. Because mental wellbeing is not only about overcoming a burnout, but preferably about preventing this from happening in the first place.