BSA during the corona pandamic

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Lijst Calimero in the media about the BSA during corona  


Universities ease bsa this year after all

Universities reduce the bsa by 10-15%. Read more about Lijst Calimero’s contribution in an article from the Ukrant


Students pleased with coronacoulance for BSA

On January 14, universities decided to lower the BSA by 10-15% due to the corona crisis. Read more about this in an article from the ISO (Dutch National Student Association)


500 first-years share their stories of stress and the BSA

Lijst Calimero and the Groninger Studentenbond (Groningen Student Union) give more information about the ‘last-ditch attempt to convince the UG to abolish the BSA during this corona pandemic’, in an article by the Ukrant


Universities: abnormal academic year requires leniency in bsa approach

Councils from twelve different universities are calling upon their boards to revise the BSA for this academic year. Read more about this in the article from ScienceGuide.