Housing for international students

In September 2016 it turned out that a number of international students had not been able to find housing. Though the board of directors first said that this was the student’s own responsibility, later the university admitted to bear at least some responsibility in the matter, after there was some media coverage on the subject. We asked these questions to find out what the current state of affairs was and to ask how the board of directors plans to prevent this situation from repeating in the future.

After talking to various international and local student associations, we are still concerned with the current housing situation of international students. Therefore, we have four questions.

  1. In the previous Council meeting the CvB stated that there were no problems with the housing situation of international students. However, towards local media the CvB acknowledged the responsibilities of the university in this problematic situation. The first question therefore is how does the CvB perceive the situation now?
  2. Second, what are the plans for the upcoming year, so that a situation in which international students are not able to find housing will not repeat itself?
  3. Third, the contract between the SSH and the university is still unclear. Therefore, we would like to get the possibility to look at that contract as we heard from various associations that this would create more clarity.
  4. Fourth, what are the plans once the law concerning cooperation of the SSH and third parties will be changed?