Installation of new supervision committee for introduction periods

by | Nov 1, 2016 | News, Opinion | 0 comments

This afternoon, the Board of Directors of the University of Groningen, together with the Municipality of Groningen, the Hanze UAS and the student association Vindicat, announced the installation of a committee that will supervise the critical self-reflection on introduction periods. 

Lijst Calimero considers the installation of an independent committee a positive development because associations can maintain their independence and self-responsibility in this way. We keep our opinion, that a cultural change cannot be dictated from a higher level but has to arise out of the associations themselves. 

Lijst Calimero is critical of extra admission criteria for the graduation funds supplied by the UG. Therefore, we think that a critical self-evaluation as an incentive to be applicable for graduation funds does not contribute to constructive cooperation between the University of Groningen and the student associations. 

After all the aim of the committee is that similar arrangements will also be established with other associations in the future. Therefore, we think it is important that associations will always keep their independence in that sort of arrangements