Official investigation regarding Yantai

by | Sep 18, 2018 | News | 0 comments

The Inspectorate of Education starts an investigation into the Yantai dossier after a report of Lijst Calimero. The report led to an preliminary investigation from the Inspectorate during the summer. Based on that, the inspection concluded there were enough reasons to conduct a extended investigation.

In January 2018 Lijst Calimero announced that they will not give their consent on the plans for the branch campus in Yantai. The reasons for this decisions are to be found here. Besides the worries that were already there because of the content of the plans, there were also worries around the procedure that came with the plans. Several members of the University Council have voiced their worries with regards to the timesheet in which the worked hours were filled in. The costs for the hours spent on the development of the project were much lower than what could be reasonably assumed. The documents that gave insight in these hours spent were not delivered, even after repeated questions from the Council.

In May 2018 Lijst Calimero voiced these concerns in the House of Representatives and made an official report at the Inspectorate of Education. Lijst Calimero is pleased to hear that the inspectorate takes the worries of the Council members seriously and we are looking forward to the results of it.