Lijst Calimero successfully pleads for lower transaction costs

by | Nov 16, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Starting this week, it is possible to charge your UG-pass through MyPrint ( Because of this, the transaction costs have been lowered from 70 cents to on average 26 cents per transaction. For example, transaction costs for iDeal are now 35 cents.

Last month we proposed this change, because like many other students, we were annoyed by the high transaction costs. The board of the university reacted positively to our proposal and we are happy that this change is already implemented. Until January 1st 2017, you can also still charge your pass through the old system (Webdeposit and MyOrder), after that, it will only be possible to charge through MyPrint. Note: when using the old system, you’ll still pay 70 cents transaction costs. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get rid of the transaction costs all together, because this would result in higher costs per print.

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